Samin International Group

Founded by Dr. Hossein Naseri

Samin International Group has been Founded since 1995 in the United Arab Emirates and then in the great country, Iran.

In the early years ,the primary services of this holding were limited to consultation and implementation of promotions. Afterwards, this company  has continued its activities specifically in the area of management consulting in different fields of human resources, customers club, foreign investments and other similar branches.

After registering in Iran, Samin International Group has also registered in Switzerland to be world widely reognized, and also its offices are established in Tehran and Las Vegas in 2016 to advance its progress of international affairs in a more stable situation than before.

Business Tour

The greatest privileges of holding scientific and educational tours are companionship of managers and major Iranian financiers during the trip which leads to synergies and financial business contracts between the members, and the development of inter


Management Consultation

At the present time, new emerging industries are developing and also, old companies are either expanding or collapsing. Moreover, new emerging companies rival the old ones. Therefore, Samin Consulting Group offers unique services and also provides th


Adventurer Manager

“51 brands” has had its first step for an international project by registering itself in the world. A project in the form of a travel to the the mosts of the world each year to take 51 managers of brands in different countries. The first travel will


Samin IT

Technical and programming department of Samin International Group has begun its activity since 2004 in the field of programming and web design with the purpose of promoting electronic services and keeping pace with this global movement by providing o


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Iran +982122030065 - +989124610646